Authors Q&A: What do I upload, and When Can Others see it?

There have been a number of questions of late regarding the presentation format for the conference. In this post, I hope to clarify things. See below for details!

If you’re a podium presenter

You are presenting live at the time on the schedule. Podium presenters need only submit their Power Point by May 22.  We are having presenters do this so as to avoid staging problems with presentations.  Our tech people will be running the presentations, and podium presenters will be narrating and having slides advance by stating “next slide.”     We will record their presentations via Zoom. Uploads for podium authors can be made here if you are logged in.

If you’re a poster presenter

Poster presenters are asked to be available in the scheduled Zoom room for Q&As about their posters. When poster sessions are on, we will have breakout rooms (per poster) for poster presenters to field questions. These will NOT be recorded. We ask that poster presenters post PDFs of their Power Points and a short 3 minute video introduction of their posters by May 22 so that they will be accessible in late May to all registered conference attendees. Uploads for poster authors can be made here if you are logged in.


Abstract authors who login only have access to the type of upload that fits them. If you are a poster author, they can upload MP4 and PDF files. If you are a podium author you can only upload PPTX files. If you are both, you have access to both types of uploads. We figured it was easier for people to have one login and multiple roles than separate logins for each abstract they submitted.

Access to uploaded and recorded materials

All AV materials will be stored on the website for the duration of our contract (Feb 2022) with SiteGround. After that, they will be put on for future consumption as decided by the board. AV materials will be available as follows:

  • Abstracts submitted via OpenConf: By Late May 2021 – Feb 2022.
  • Poster pre-recorded videos (MP4): Late May 2021 – Feb 2022.
  • Poster PDFs: Late May 2021 – Feb 2022.
  • Podium PPTXs: Only available to tech staff and presented live at scheduled times.
  • Recorded video of podium sessions (for example “Spine and Upper Extremity”): Available the day after the presentation – Feb 2022.

Availability of materials to paid conference goers is based on full or single day registration. For CME/CEU credit, materials must be watched within 1 month of the conference as per AMEDCO guidelines.

I hope this helps to clear up some things. As always feel free to contact me if you need more information or help. Watch this space for further updates as the website is about to start growing very quickly.

Tim Niiler