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Today, Clinical Movement Analysis already digitizes human motion at a large scale. Markerless measurements and wearables are rapidly increasing the volume even further. A better understanding of human motion is a huge opportunity to reduce the societal burden of movement disorders, like Cerebral Palsy and Parkinson’s disease.

We know this requires a team effort. That is why Moveshelf is built to support labs in working with the medical team, to build more insights from movement analysis and taking objective clinical decisions together. We help you leverage a structured and integrated workflow, designed for an increasing number of measurements and diverse technologies.

We understand that achieving an integrated and reliable workflow is a challenge for individual movement analysis services. On one side you have trusted vendors of multiple measurement systems (3D/video/EMG/force plates/wearables), and on the other side you have communication, IT, and archiving systems of your clinical organization. The disconnect between them can lead to challenges when communicating with less technical personnel, and scattered information that represents a serious threat to data security and compliance to regulations.

Moveshelf provides secure and modern software to bridge this gap. We partner with leading manufacturers on both sides to make sure full data integrity is preserved, and your workflows are uniform and seamless.

We already work with leading European organizations, and we cannot wait to learn about yours. We are keen to design a solution which smoothly connects your movement analysis technologies with your clinical organization.

Please visit Moveshelf’s website or register to the Moveshelf webinar “Get more insight from clinical movement analysisduring GCMAS 2021 on Tuesday June 8 to see more.  And if you have any questions, Moveshelf will be in a breakout room in Zoom Room 2 of the GCMAS 2021 meeting all day on Tuesday June 8 and Wednesday June 9. Or you can leave us a message in our Forum.

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