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For 25 years, XSENSOR Technology has set the standard for accurate sensors and image quality in software — to capture, visualize, and analyze pressure data.

Today, XSENSOR innovates and partners with the most demanding customers in the world to explore what is possible with Intelligent Dynamic Sensing, which enables maximum precision measurements, highest quality visualizations, and AI-powered data analysis, resulting in optimized levels of product performance, comfort, and safety.

XSENSOR’s X4 Intelligent Insole system is a plantar pressure and gait measurement solution for athletic coaches and clinicians to capture lab-quality data in the field.

The X4 allows users to evaluate gait, plantar pressure, and foot function with thin, flexible insole sensors that are reliable and durable enough to accurately capture data wherever activity takes place — and without compromising natural motion.

XSENSOR’s Pro Foot & Gait software provides high-resolution images for fast, confident decision making and has all the necessary features and tools for clinicians interested in more detailed analysis of patient’s progress. With the easy-to-use file manager, users can display and compare multiple recordings side-by-side, complete with summary statistics and measurements, and generate reports.

Customers universally rely on XSENSOR for accurate, reliable sensors, superior software tools, and outstanding product support.

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