Tutorial 4

Title: Consistent Interpretation of Gait Analysis Data: A Case-Based Quality Assurance Approach

Instructors: Tom F. Novacheck, MD, Andrew G. Georgiadis, MD, Jean L. Stout, PT, MS

Purpose: The purpose of this course is to demonstrate a quality improvement process used to assess consistency gait interpretation. Participants will have opportunity for “hands on” experience interpretation consistency process for problem identification and treatment recommendations with other participants. Gait analysis case studies in conjunction with an audience response system/survey monkey system will be employed.

Intended Audience: Pediatric orthopaedists, physical therapists, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, biomechanics, kinesiologists, engineers, and other professionals who participate in the interpretation of gait analysis data.

Prerequisite Knowledge: Intermediate. Gait analysis interpretation skills are used.

Course Summary: This course will summarize our experience with the design and success of an interpreter consistency quality assurance program and certification process. Use of an audience response system/mobile technology will allow participants to be interactive in assessing their own consistency among other participants and responses from Gillette Children’s interpretation staff. A series of case studies will be used to illustrate problem identification and treatment recommendations. The controversies surrounding gait interpretation consistency within and across centers and its impact on the utility of gait analysis will be discussed.

Tutorial Handouts

Bony Problems – Click to See QR Code for Scanning

Soft Tissue/Tone Problems – Click to See QR Code for Scanning

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