Some Web Site UpDates

A few folks were having technical issues over the weekend due to the updating of user roles colliding with when they were accessing the site. We’re at a point where we are starting to implement visibility of content, and as such we have users who have different needs and permissions using the site. These include authors, conference attendees (added over the weekend starting Saturday), the casual viewer who has not logged in, administrators, and so on. There is often overlap in these users and what pages they should see. As of this morning (Monday, May 17) if you are logged in and have registered for the conference, when you are on the Program page you should see clickable abstracts.

If you are not logged in, the list should still appear, but without the links to the PDFs.

As poster authors are able to get their supporting files uploaded (4-page PDF posters and the MP4 video pitches), additional links will appear on this page so that people can start previewing these materials ahead of the conference.

In the meantime – I will post here when a major servicing of permissions happens again.

Finally – if you are registering for the conference, because the registration database must be updated manually at this time – you should see a login email within 24 hours of your registration. If not, please contact me and we’ll make sure you can get in.

All the best,

Tim N