We’d like to thank our exhibitors for their sponsorship to help us to bring you our annual conference. Exhibitors at the Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels will have webinar opportunities at select times at the conference to update you on their products and how they can help you in research and clinical practice.

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Gold Level Sponsors

We provide tailored motion capture systems for any application: life sciences, media and entertainment, location-based virtual reality, and engineering… (see more)

Qualisys is a leading provider of precision motion capture and 3D positioning tracking system…. (see more)

For 25 years, XSENSOR has set the standard for accurate sensors and image quality in software — to capture, visualize, and analyze pressure data…. (see more)

Silver Level Sponsors

Moveshelf accelerates digital transformation for healthcare of movement disorders, with software integrating all movement analysis technologies with clinical systems so that you and your whole team can take better decisions together from a complete picture…. (see more)

Bronze Level Sponsors

AMTI designs and manufactures the industry standards in force measurement devices, orthopedic implant testing machines, and other specialty instruments… (see more)

Standard Sponsors

Delsys is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of a portfolio of high performance electromyography instruments. These include a range of physiological and biomechanical sensors that are used in all types of human movement research and education… (see more)

Other Sponsors

Better Than Bacon is an improv comedy troupe based in southeastern Pennsylvania which came together in 2010. Better Than Bacon will be providing our Tuesday night (June 8th, 2021) entertainment from 6.30-7.30pm via Zoom… (see more)

We thank Penn State Brandywine for providing Zoom access for the Webinar portion of the conference.

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