Watching Videos Post-Conference

So GCMAS2021 is over at last, but you’re back because you need to find a session video. The first step is to login. Remember that WordPress is fairly aggressive with enforcing password changes, so if you haven’t logged in for a while, you may be asked to change your password. Also, if you need a password reset, it seems that institutions that use SafeLinks may have problems getting reset emails. Email me if you have any issues, and we’ll get you in.

The screencast below shows you where to find everything and explains some of the site design changes post-conference. In short, you will go to the new “Recordings” tab and look for video icons at the top of the session information to the right. Clicking on that icon will take you to the recording of the video for that podium session.

What if the video isn’t there yet?

Videos take a bit of time for online systems to optimize for playing even after editing done before uploading, so if everything is not up and available immediately, please understand that it takes time.

In any event, thank you all for a great conference, and I hope to see you somewhere in person BEFORE next year.

All the best,

Tim Niiler