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How Many Websites Are There?

One of the elephants in the room is why there seem to be a growing number of GCMAS related websites. The short answer is that we needed a flexible platform for an online conference which our other prior websites could not give us. For a slightly longer answer as well as information about logins, see this video.

Tutorial 4 – Interacting with the Surveys

Conference Participants,

We are looking forward to presenting Tutorial 4 on Interpreter Consistency on June 9 from 3.40-5.10pm. The tutorial will rely heavily on an interactive component to demonstrate the interpretation consistency of the group and wanted you to be aware what is necessary so you may prepare.

It will be best to have your phone, iPad, or tablet with a QR code reader available for use with the technology. This is an optimal option to keep your computer screen dedicated to the zoom presentation & material. A link will also be available for use on a PC. This will open a separate window with the interactive form. The information needed to complete the interactive form will be within the Zoom presentation, not within the window that contains the interactive form. If you choose to use the link option two monitors would be the best, otherwise you can toggle between windows.

We thank you in advance for attending the tutorial. We hope to see you in-person soon.

Tutorial 4 team,

Andy Georgiadis

Tom Novacheck

Jean Stout

Katie Walt